Haynor History

          Haynor School has a proud history.  It’s been around since 1866.  The school originally had one classroom.

          It was initially called Grove School and sat on 1 ½ of land.  In 1938 Albert and Mary Haynor sold the school a piece of land for $75.00.  They requested the name to Haynor School.  A while later the school bought two more lots to enlarge the playground.

          There is a small room attached to the original classroom.  It was first used to store wood for the wood burner.  Then it was used to store coal and later an oil furnace room.  Sometime in 1936 or1937 a garage was build on the back of the building.  When the garage was too small to hold the larger cars it was remodeled into two bathrooms.

          Haynor educated students in grades kindergarten through eight grade; ages five through twenty. We started with 26 students. By 1898 there were 64 students in the district! In 1961 the enrollment was so large we had to add anther classroom.

          Today Haynor School is still unique. Our enrollment is 35 students; most of them school of choice.  We have two teachers and two paraprofessional.  We serve students in grades kindergarten through fifth.

          We love our school!  We have eight new computers with internet connection.  We take lots of field trips.  We don’t have a bus, but parents are always willing to drive!  We also don’t have a lunch program so we warm up homemade food in the microwaves.  Every year the fifth grade students creates a carnival.  It’s our going away party for the other students.

      Memories that last a lifetime are made at small schools.

– The Fifth Grade Students
at Haynor School

Feb. 19, 2009